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  1. what is the red exclamation mark that appears on my desktop windows 10 evernote sync button whenever I hit sync...or it tries to sync? & how do I fix it? (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641) thanks, wb
  2. I agree...the widgets that have a drop down list have stopped working on my Samsung Note 3 android version 4.4.2
  3. hello, Recently I have become nervous about viruses. So I have stopped using Outlook and only view my email using the web. When I try to clip a note into Evernote, the only thing it clips is the general webpage rather than the email. What is the easiest way to routinely get my amazon, etc. 'you have purchased' emails into evernote? thanks wbriggs
  4. Thank you both for your suggestions! I have signed up for both and am trying them out.
  5. I really like the webbased free version of Kanbanflow. it just has columns which can be labeled with each column being able to list tasks , subtasks, and easily move them about. The whiteboard visualization is the key to its neatness. is there any app that has this with Evernote integration? (The 'table' in Evernote is not powerful enough for this.) thanks wbriggs
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