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Email Interface not working with numeric Tags

Hans Hoss

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I'm trying to send notes via email to Evernote. This works, but I cannot specifiy numeric tags in the subject line.

A tag #abc works perfectly and a tag #123 will remain as #123 in the subject line.

Any suggestions?




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Works for me.  Have you already created the 123 tag?  If the tag 123 does not exist the #123 will stay in the note title (subject line).

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Thanks Cal,


yes, I have created the tag before. One other thing which might make a difference. I created the tag as a sub tag under a general tag.








Tagging #Numbers works, but not #123 or #456.


Do I need to specifiy Numbers as well to properly address the tag underneith e.g. someing like #numbers(123)?


Any other ideas?



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I just replicated what you have and it seems to work for me, images below.  Are there any special characters of any sort in the subject line of the email?  Are the tags at the end of the subject line?


Email subject




Resultant note



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no I just had regular test in the subject line and the tag at the end. Very strange.


I just tried out something very simple. I created a new not nested tag 123456 and sent an empty mail with only #123456 in the subject line.

The result is a new note with #123456 in the subject line.

I generally cannot assign numeric tags via the mail interface. 

Could that be a restriction of non premium users?



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The use of @ and # in email forwarding is not a premium only function, I just tested that.  


One thought, have you checked the web to see if your numeric tags exist there?  It sounds like you have synced since the emails are making it to the client, but still to be sure....  


There is an auto-filing option, do you know if you have that set to on?  I don't use the option and am not sure it makes any difference, just something that impacts emailed notes.  It is set on the web under Account Settings - Personal Settings.  


Other than that, I don't know why it isn't working for you..

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