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Local notebooks disappeared after upgrading

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Hi! I could really use some help from some of you lovely, tech-savvy people. :)

Until very recently, my computer was a very old Mac. I was using the highest version of Evernote that would work with it (which wasn't very high). I was using "local" notebooks, and was very happy with how it worked for me.

A few weeks ago, I invested in a much more up-to-date Mac that runs Yosemite. I transferred everything from my old hard drive, and Evernote was still working fine for me.

Shortly after this, I downloaded an upgrade of Evernote (which I presume to be the most up-to-date version of it, since it runs on Yosemite). When I did this, all my local notebooks disappeared completely, and I cannot seem to find or access them. :(

I have all my stuff backed up using "Time Machine", but I cannot get this version of Evernote to recognise that material. :(

Also, I cannot make notes with pictures from the internet with this version. It keeps telling me that I need to "sign in using the clip to Evernote toolbar". I have several times clicked the "use the Safari clipper plugin" box in preferences (and restarted Safari as instructed), but it never "takes", and I always find that the box is unticked again.

So basically, Evernote is pretty useless to me at the moment. :(

Please tell me if there is a way of fixing this! Or failing that, how to get this version off my hard drive, so I can re-install the old version from "Time Machine", which I was very happy with.

I will be very grateful if anyone can help me sort this out. Please help a techno-thickie! :D

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Hi.  If you were using a 'very old' version of Evernote you may have missed some vital database revisions along the way,  and updating to the latest version means that your database is either effectively not compatible with present-day Evernote,  or is maybe stored somewhere that the current software doesn't recognise.  Compatibility across versions - especially with something as continuously evolving as Evernote - is something to beware of!


It may not be necessary to work out what happened though,  if you still have access to your old database on your old machine,  or can get access on the current one by downgrading to a previous version.  There's a feature in your account to export notes to ENEX files,  and if you can do this on your old machine,  then log in to Evernote on your new machine and import the files,  you'll get all your notes back.  The old export process with create a valid backup file,  and the new import process will translate everything into any new database format,  and convert the files to the current setup.


Two things about exports - process notes for each notebook individually,  because there's no record in the backup of where these notes came from;  and check the Options for each export to make sure you include any tags.


If you search the forums for 'backup' and 'export' you'll find more background on this - any questions please ask!

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