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Feedback on Context popups


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Hi guys,


Those popups you now have that suggest related content from other sources based on what you are doing in the note are REALLY ANNOYING. lol. When I use those popups (in development) I intend them as a "something really important just happened". They constantly avert my eyes from what I am doing to dart down there and so far they have had no relevancy to what I am doing but just jar jar binxing me every few second...'heres I am"..."hey"..."hey"...."hey"..."hey"..."hello"..."hey"..."hey"..."hey"..."hey"...


I went into the options and found the option to disable them but thought I would make an alternate suggestion. Instead of making them so bold, perhaps just expand the space at the bottom of the note area and have it show there. Don't make it expand/contract/expand/contract...just reserve the space and have it subltly show there. Since Evernote is supposed to be my digital brain, let's keep me focused on what I am doing and not divert my attention like ADD. :)


Thanks for listening.



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