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  1. Haha! Good catch. Thanks Jefito. I'd appreciate the move to Feature Request area. I've calmed down somewhat. You make some fair points but I wasnt implying Evernote should follow Git exactly either, just that it is IMO pretty darn good at figuring out the basic conflicts on its own and I dont remember ever getting conflicts that are not legitimate. I dont know ENML but if it's name means it's somewhat like html or xml then I would think the binary form of the parsed tree would make it somewhat trivial to do a recursive branch comparison where at least the common parts would not be duplicated in the conflict that gets appended to the end of the note and I wouldnt expect it to deal with binary assets such as images or PDFs either. Since I've gotten conflicts with no changes made I suspect that conflict resolution is simply a comparison of the last-edited date and if it doesnt match then it duplicates the two notes entirely.
  2. But in 2017 I can have a conversation with my phone. I mean I can actually speak to it and it responds in a sexy voice! I can ask it the etymology of "Avacado" and it will give me an interesting back story. I can also take pictures/vids and they instantly show up on all my devices even my TV (I dont sync anything!) I take cell calls on any of my macs - whichever I happen to be on, I control my home from away, my coffee maker grinds the beans and brews itself. I drove an Acura MDX the other day...well actually, technically I didnt drive it...it drove itself! I was hands off. So if this is 2017 looks like...what's this talk about manually pulling Evernote's Babbage lever? I would give my left "Avacado" to not even need a Sync button in Evernote. I mean, ...Imagine! Not even having a Sync button in Evernote. Just take it out! Edit your notes and they instantly go where you go. I'll dance like Olaf in summer.
  3. So what you guys are saying is, "Yes, it is in fact 1999. Set levers to manual." lol
  4. I've been an Evernote user for about 4 years now I think. Why do I still have to put up with note conflicts? I am *one* person. I am not ambidextrous so I cannot type on two computers at once so why is this a hard problem to solve? I am a programmer btw...so I mean this rhetorically...I know it's solvable. I use git every day and I get less conflicts with a team of developers editing the same files. I've seen countless upgrades with useless features and yet note conflicts are as bad as they were 4 years ago. Besides some visual differences I can't say the app has changed much in 4 years either. So is Evernote dead? Forgive the rant, but I can't keep a simple "Buying a Home" checklist in sync between two computers. I would say there is at least an hour between when I check the list between devices. Many times I am just looking at the note and whoa wtf I get a conflict the next time I look at it. Did they not sync in the hour I left the computer idle? Is there not even rudimentary "these two versions are equal" check? How about a line by line comparison and just highlight the changed lines...or for once do a useful feature to the very core of the app and add some git-style smarts in there! How could conflict-free notes for a *single user app* across his devices not be a Priority 1 feature request? Thanks, Colin
  5. Just upgraded to latest. Release notes say there were updates/fixes to the encryption. Yup, it's behavior has changed...but still totally *broken*! (OSX) Now when I decrypt the background goes from white to gray. Still nothing in the decryption box shows up. It doesn't seem to wipe out the whole thing though, so that at least is a positive that I don't have to go through note history and restore every time. We'll see when I get back on Windows if the text is still in there.
  6. Encryption features on the web don't work either. I can decrypt but the moment I click in the decrypted area it collapses to encrypted again and I cannot decrypt again without clicking on another note and then back. I can't edit the text and I can't copy it. This is soooo bad! I am done with paying Premium for this POS. It's been so downhill since early version 4.x
  7. Yes, I've experienced that as well. @Jackolicious...Thanks for chiming in! I am glad it is on the immediate radar.
  8. I am out on the road with my macbook. I tried to read one of my encrypted notes. Now not only is it decrypting it as blank, but it now saves it in that state so it blows away the whole note. I am so pissed. This app is quickly becoming useless. If anything, it should not blow away and lose a note. I got it from backup, but still. Repeated it a few times to the same effect. On my Windows machine I even decrypted the text, simplified formatting, converted to text and back, and re-encrypted...the retried on Mac but same thing...just blank on Mac and then saves it.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to verify! I really appreciate it. I actually use Mac and Windows, iPhone and Android...all of them!
  10. All excellent points, Colin. Workaround for this one, position in the encrypted text where you want the link, Ctrl-K to enter the link, be it Ctrl-V or typing. Works for me anyway. Thanks csihilling, but that's exactly what I've always done. Ctrl-K and Ctrl-V. As soon as the link entry dialog appears the crypt block collapses. I noticed the behavior changed a while ago when the program collapsed encryption any time you switched from Evernote to another app. Seems like a sane thing to do, but I think there should be a minute countdown (or 10 seconds even) before it collapses and resets if the user returns to Evernote. Reason is, I bet it's pretty common to cut and paste between apps. Ever since this new behavior I have to enter in my password for each item I want to cut and paste. In the old version (1 or 2 major versions back) I could cut and paste all the items I needed and enter my password once.
  11. With each new version in the last year or two I've received little of value in the upgrades yet I've seen an annoyingly large drop in quality and usability where it counts. Simple note editing has gotten more buggy. For example, encryption features are worse than when it began. My mac and iphone cannot even read my encrypted notes anymore, only on Windows. I've lost encrypted notes a couple of times and had to go back to history. I can't add a hyperlink into an encrypted note anymore because as soon as the link dialog pops up the crypt collapsed and the link goes outside. None of this was an issue before. The suggested notes that keeps popping up at the bottom alters the view of the current note and is also *very* disrupting to flow. A nice feature, pretty, and I bet it took a lot of developer hours to implement but with no consideration to how it disrupts the user flow I had to disable it - wasted time that could have been spent fixing bugs. I am a developer, so I bet like most devs, Evernote's devs are more excited about working on new features than spending time getting the existing and oft used stuff working better. We've all heard the Pareto's Law (80/20 rule). All these features are in the 20% used category and are causing regressions on the quality of the features we use 80% of the time. This is where I felt Apple was great in the past, they focused on that 80% of what is used and spent twice as much time making it perfect as say Windows would, so everything is well thought out....not as much superfluous features but each feature a masterpiece. I need to return to version 4.2 or something. That brings up another point, every install/upgrade still fails with an error! I have to go find the MSI deep in my profile temp folder and execute it manually. Been that way since 4.4. Lot's of people are in the same boat here...why hasn't this been fixed? Kind of critical isn't it? Sure, there have been some cool features added - like the Chat, better Notebook sharing, etc. I've converted a number of people to Evernote in the past, including my business partner so better interaction with friends was wanted. I was looking forward to these new features yet I find they came and I haven't needed them as much as I expected. Rather than reap the rewards of these features I can't get over the loss of quality to the core product. I used to be a product evangelist. Now I no longer recommend Evernote to anyone and that is sad. My converts are saying the same thing so only my business partner is left anyway. I love new features, but not if they are breaking old and needed functionality. I'm a premium user, if the quality of Evernote's usability continues to fall over the next year I am abandoning it for something else. Please work making the core better. Sit your developers or testers down and have them *really* use the product. I want to be an evangelist again. Colin
  12. Hi guys, Those popups you now have that suggest related content from other sources based on what you are doing in the note are REALLY ANNOYING. lol. When I use those popups (in development) I intend them as a "something really important just happened". They constantly avert my eyes from what I am doing to dart down there and so far they have had no relevancy to what I am doing but just jar jar binxing me every few second...'heres I am"..."hey"..."hey"...."hey"..."hey"..."hello"..."hey"..."hey"..."hey"..."hey"... I went into the options and found the option to disable them but thought I would make an alternate suggestion. Instead of making them so bold, perhaps just expand the space at the bottom of the note area and have it show there. Don't make it expand/contract/expand/contract...just reserve the space and have it subltly show there. Since Evernote is supposed to be my digital brain, let's keep me focused on what I am doing and not divert my attention like ADD. Thanks for listening. Colin
  13. Upgraded to latest 5.2, still the same damn error since 4.6. I did the ultimate fix again, but will this ever be fixed? I can't auto update. This shouldn't be hard to fix. Paid Evernote subscriber.
  14. I would like to be able to remind myself at a certain time about a specific note, I may have to deal with it sometime later. I cant find a way to do this. I would think that if Evernote is to be my external brain it should have reminders. Afterall, that's the biggest fault my internal brain has - it doesnt remember &@%#%. I do love Evernote though, great app! Thanks! Colin
  15. I have friends that use Evernote. I find myself wanting to share a note with them and have it placed inside their Evernote notebooks along with thier own notes. When I update that note, they would see the changes too. Same if they edit the note. That way we can work on something together. I dont want to make the note public, I want to share it with just a few people. This should be pretty easy to implement, just have the link give the note's internal database id, and we share it together. Use techniques from "diff" or subversion to handle update conflicts. I'd love this feature. Thanks, Colin
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