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Poor UI Design for Un-Joining a Notebook


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Poor UI Design for Un-Joining a Notebook

EN Win 5.8.4 
Win7 Pro x64


Wow!  Evernote has really made the process of un-joining a shared notebook very confusing.


This is TERRIBLE UI design.  I can't believe that anyone with even the smallest sense of usability would design this, and then how could this possibly pass any QA or usability testing????


The context menus and dialogs are inconsistent, make it hard for the user to know that he/she is selecting a joined NB, and finally, the worst offense, is that the dialog states that the NB will be "Deleted" !?!!?   This will surely scare off many users who definitely would not want to delete a NB that had been shared with them.


First, if you right-click on a joined NB in the Left Panel, it gives you no indication that the NB is a joined NB.

Next, there is NO "unjoin" or "remove" choice, only a "Delete" choice.


Here's a screen shot using EN Win 5.8.4 running on Win7 Pro x64:





Now, let's look at a screenshot of a right-click on a joined NB in the NB List:

It shows a "Remove" choice.





But then, the Confirm Dialog that appears says that you will be DELETING the NB????



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