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Bring evernote to foreground in windows


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It's normal in Windows that if you open a program via the start menu, the program comes to the foreground. That's true regardless of whether the program is running or not.  


For some reason, Evernote stays in the background if it's running when:

  1. you open the start menu,
  2. type evernote and hit return.

It would be nice if it behaved like most Windows programs and came to the foreground when it's re-invoked via the start menu.

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I'm getting this too except when Evernote is running non of the application windows behave correctly.  i.e. click on a window or the icon in the task bar and the window does not come to the foreground.  I have to minimise other windows instead.  I have verified that this only happens when Evernote is running.  I thought I'd try these forums before submitting a bug report.

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