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  1. Windows provides a built-in text size feature that enables text resizing across all apps. You access it Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display I run my 4k Monitor at 180% normal text size. This is not the same thing as using the Magnifying glass feature. Windows software that properly interacts with the text display API produces crisp, readable text. Evernote produces text appropriate to the 1980's on the same display. I've attache a sample below. I've retyped the first line of a card in Evernote on Notepad. If you don't have a hi res monitor, you may not be able to see the difference but on a 4k monitor, the notepad text is super crisp and the evernote text is pixelated. Doesn't matter what text font or "reasonable" text size you select, the effect persists. When your eyesight begins to have difficulty making out small text, the difference is between readable and not. BTW, the text that this post is being written is fine so they could lift the code from this forum to fix the bug.
  2. It's normal in Windows that if you open a program via the start menu, the program comes to the foreground. That's true regardless of whether the program is running or not. For some reason, Evernote stays in the background if it's running when: you open the start menu, type evernote and hit return.It would be nice if it behaved like most Windows programs and came to the foreground when it's re-invoked via the start menu.
  3. I'm having the same problem in Ubuntu using the web client. I copy a picture from either a sceen shot or gimp (doesn't matter - tried both ways) Attempt to paste the image into a note. Nothing happens I can however, paste the image into gmail's client and mail the picture to myself. So the image is definitely in the clipboard in an accessible format.
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