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my local notebooks lost



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my windows crashed, and I lost all my local notebooks including notes for my phd thesis. is there anyway I can have them back. it is really urgent. I'v lost all data and information I'v gathered in the last 2 years!

Since local notebooks are not synced to the Evernote servers, you would need to have a backup of your Evernote database (your-user-name.exb file). If you did not make any backups and are not able to get a copy from your old hard drive, then they are gone forever.

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Can you please help me by pointing out where this evernote database (username.exb) is located on a mac.



I am not a Mac user but you can search the board on backup/restore. However, you tagged this with Windows crash. A Windows database is not compatible with the Mac app and vice versa.

Edit: I see the above post is from a different user, so I guess OP is not switching between the two operating systems. Additionally, the Mac app does not use an exb file. Please search the board on backup/restore, since it's my understanding the Mac database is in a different location, depending upon where you got the Evernote app.

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