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Tag and organize files on the computer (Tag spaces)

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I love evernote, however why does it not have the feature of tagging and organizing the files on your computer? If it had it would be the optimal software for organizing your life. As of today, i use tag spaces, tagspaces.com which works ok, the idea is great but execution of it not so good. If evernote did the same i bet it'd be great. 


As of my understanding i can only attach files within evernote. I do not want to manually attach everything to a note, i just want to be able to tag files outside of evernote without making them into notes. So any ideas if this is a feature that will be coming or why it does not already exist?

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I think the idea is that Evernote is more aimed at being a closed system, so that you can access your notes and their contents everywhere you go. That being said, you can, I believe, embed links to external files in Evernote, but that's really not a major selling point, while useful to some. 


I doubt that this feature is high on Evernote's list, but Evernote is not very forthcoming on its future feature list, so you never know. But what you're trying to do is some other software, I'm afraid.

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too bad, i thought evernote aspired to organize basically everything in your life. if they do not include like ALL files on my computer, then evernote is frankly quite limited as to what it is able to organize. 


very weird however that there are basically no good software out there available for doing this. as i said, the only one working decently is tag spaces, but it is far after evernote in quality and user friendliness. it is a huge business opportunity for anyone who can make this work as good as evernote works, but for managing files on the computer. 

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