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Retrieve deleted text

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I am a free Evernote user and had a lengthy note on a 3-month trip.  I highlighted the text and opened the font window to change the font and when I clicked on a smaller font all my text disappeared.  The note header remained and it seems everything is lost.  I didn't delete the note so it isn't in the trash.  Anyone know where I can find the text?  The "undo" feature was not highlighted so couldn't do that. Think I'm doomed.  Thanks to anyone who has a secret.

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Hi.  What exactly were you recording this note in or on?  If it was on a mobile device,  the remains of your note might be stored in temporary memory somewhere,  but it's well beyond the expertise of anyone here (AFAIK) to CSI the content and find the remains,  but if you ask in any forums related to the device itself someone may be able to help.  If there's any chance that at some time or other the note was synced back to Evernote,  have a look at Evernote.com to see what it looks like - you may have some partial history there.  If you were using a laptop or something else with permanent (hard drive) storage,  the note would have been saved previously in its more complete form.


I saved the finger-wag until last - as you now know, it's better to record more short notes than one long one - and don't edit unique content without having a backup;  you could have copied the note and attempted changes on a 'spare' rather than messing with the one and only...


I'm wise after many events,  because this has happened to me in a variety of situations - if it's any consolation at all,  you're probably going to find it pretty easy to put most of the content back..  you wrote it once;  you can do it again.  Brew some coffee (or your beverage of choice),  sharpen a pencil and start typing...

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I was doing this on a MAC.  Thanks for your reply but before I received it, I sent a note to Evernote about the problem altho it says they won't help free version.  They kind of helped and said if I pay the $5 for premium I can go to note history.  I had more than $5 worth of aggravation so I went ahead and did that for a month and it was there.  All is well now.  No, I could not have re-written it because it was daily notes for a 3-month trip.  Your idea of making smaller notes is a good one.  My daughter also told me that if I had used Cmd Z it will undo edit even though undo was not an option on Evernote for free version.  Just thought I'd report that all is well now; I have learned my lesson (maybe!)

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