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Support not responding - Lost Notes and EN Will Not Synch


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Hi all,


I'm so frustrated at this point. Over a week ago I realized that one of my EN notebooks was missing - just completely gone. Not in the trash either. At that same time I started getting errors about synching, which just doesn't work anymore. I created a support ticket with EN and they asked for my logs. I sent them over on the 18th and have not heard back from them. I feel like there is no support coming whatsoever and it is very distressing. I lost a bunch of notes that were very important and up until now I've been trying to stay positive, thinking that EN will come through and restore my lost notebook somehow. But now I'm starting to feel very nervous.


Any ideas?


Is any EN staff reading this? If so can somebody please help me with my ticket?


Sad and frustrated,



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Evernote staff does read all posts, but in general, this is a user forum. The support situation is given here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51807-best-practices-submitting-a-support-ticket/. Experience and commentary suggest that it can take several or more days for them to get to premium users; free users are not guaranteed support at all, except for certain situations. You should have received an automated reply, though, and if you did then posting the ticket # here might help.

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