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How do I add Tags to recipes already posted?

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I'm using a Windows XP system for my Evernote files.  I think there was an update to Evernote recently?  Anyway, for the last couple of months, I can't find a way to add tags to recipes I've already posted.  I like to have my recipes tagged by food/ingredients/etc so I can search more easily.

Can anyone help me?



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Hi Polly.  When you look at a recipe you're presumably looking at a single note in Evernote.  At the top of that note there's a 'header' with some technical information - there should be a 'click to add tags' link up there somewhere.


If not please say which version of Evernote you're using - web / table / mobile / desktop;  and what's the OS - Windows / Mac / iOS / Android...

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