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work chat problem


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Work Chat is a fantastic feature.  I can communicate easily about our project, and it was working pretty reliably last week.  I've been using it for about three weeks now altogether.


Now though it's almost unusable.  It's getting more and more sluggish, everytime I'm receiving text from someone else, I can't type.  When I send a message I have to wait for a while until I can type again.  


What's going on?  Why is the sync hanging up my powerful PC constantly?  All the other features in Evernote work just fine.


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If you start Task Manager on your PC you'll be able to look at system performance - are you showing maxed-out memory / disk access / network traffic?  What else (if anything) is happening on your network connection?  and are we talking Win 7 or 8 here?


If you're a premium subscriber,  raise a support request now,  and try the Chat option (7am-7pm PST) for a quick response.

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My other account is premium, but I can't ask for live help on the weekend.  Maybe they'll get back to me tomorrow.  But anyway, I use Windows 8.1, and the online version of Work Chat has no issues.  But it's annoying to use because it's a tiny box and it doesn't automatically scroll down, you have to do it yourself when someone responds.


I have 16 gig of ram and had no issues last week when also having multiple programs open at the same time.  Now I just had evernote open and no difference.

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Seems like it's magically working fine once again, last night it was barely usable and this morning it was great, must have been a software update?  I didn't even restart my computer so they must have changed something.

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There's three users of this network, but plenty of leftover bandwidth.  And the bandwidth hasn't changed, although this week there's actually one person missing so if anything it should go faster.  I guess I could try live chat but I did email them last time when nobody was live to help, and nobody answered.

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