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Evernote kills outlook every time!


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I've just starting using evernote and love it. I've upgraded to premium too.

However, every time I install on my win7 pro system using office 2010, outlook plays up by taking forever to 'sync' and becomes unusable. Uninstall Evernote and its back to being rock solid.

First, WHY?

Second, is there a workaround? I've disabled what I think are Evernote addins but that doesn't work and I don't have any advanced choices at install where I could say no to Outlook integration.

If I can't have it on my main machine its utterly worthless to me ...


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Hmmn.  A while back I had a brief period of using Outlook 2010 (with an earlier version of Evernote) and at that time there were no issues.  I moved on to Outllook 2013 and the current version and still have no problems.  Can't attempt to replicate your issue for the same reason,  but as  premium subscriber you do have the benefit of Support access - I'd suggest raising a request here https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action - and if you're around 7am-7pm PST,  try the Chat option to get some quick feedback.


When you do get a solution please let us know for interests' sake - I think EN's add-in sits in the Trust Centre in 2013,  but I could (easily) be wrong...

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