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Nesting Tags Feature Request



I really like the nesting tag feature in Evernote. However, it could be improved by allowing the user to regroup them by dragging and dropping in the left hand side panel (the user must currently go into the tags view to organize the groupings). It also would be great if notes were automatically tagged with some respect to the hierarchy within nested tags. For example, if I had this nested tag tree:


> Activities

   > Sports

      > Hockey


Every time I added the tag "Hockey" to a note, the "Sports" and "Activities" tags would be automatically added, per the nesting hierarchy. 

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The EN Mac UI used to provide a lot of great functionality in the Left Side Panel, much like what you are asking for.

Now, it is very difficult to create a child tag, or move a tag into a hierarchy.  The ONLY option is drag/drop, which is OK if you have only a few (< 25) tags.  But if you have a lot of tags (> 100) then it becomes a real challenge.


ATTN:  Evernote UI Design Team


You could make life much easier for us if you would only add:

  1. Right-click on a tag (Tag view or Left Panel), and offer these choices:
    1. ADD new Tag as a child tag to this parent tag
    2. MOVE this tag to be a Child Tag of <dropdown list of tags like on the Tag filter>
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It's interesting that EN once had more left panel functionality. I wonder why it was removed? I just recently migrated all my notes from being organized primarily via notebooks and notebook stacks to organized via tags after I learned of the nesting feature. It seems like it could be a killer feature with a few more enhancements.


I also thought it would be nice if the devs could implement a keyboard based navigation of my list of tags. For example, I could click a tag to show relevant notes and then press the down arrow key (along with some modifier, perhaps) to advance to the next tag on my list. I could also hypothetically press a right arrow key + modifier to expand a parent tag to reveal the child tags or left arrow key + modifier to collapse the parent tag (something like navigating a Finder window in column view).


At the very least, please keep the currently selected tag highlighted! Right now, it briefly flashes blue upon the click but then returns back to the normal color.

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