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Scroll makes window view surpass the limit...


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Does anyone have this issue?


When you scroll down in the List View. The content goes more down and you just only see gray. It's kinda surpass the limit of the scroll-down level in the note. 


It happens when you use the scroll bars and the scroll wheel in the mouse. It's really annoying.


Is there a plan to fix this issue? or is this only me experimenting this problem? Any workaround?


Video demo: http://youtu.be/Q_rW9V94C-A

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I have the same problem. It also happens when I am looking at an individual note. When I try to scroll to the very bottom (where my most current content is) it is all gray and the content is above the window.


Another scrolling problem I am having with version: Evernote for Windows GA. that has actually persisted through several versions is that when I am looking at the snippet view with some reminders at the top of the list, I cannot get to the top of the list to see the reminders by clicking on the scroll bar above the actual handle like I can in every other windows application I can remember using.

Right when I would get up to the top so the reminders become visible, the scroll handlebar jumps back down to the bottom and I have to grab it and pull it up. Any solutions or is this a bug that needs reported I don't know where?

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