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How To Delete An Untitled 0 KB Note

Phil N.

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Thanks for replying gazumped. Sorry for not providing more info the first time around.


I have Evernote running on a Windows PC and on an Android phone. I am a very new user of Evernote. The untitled note appears in the list of All Notes on the PC, but I do not see it on the phone. The PC is running Evernote v5.8.3.6507 (274507) Public.


I tried these methods of getting rid of the untitled note:

1) Right-clicked on the untitled note in the All Notes list, and looked for a Delete option. There was none there.

2) Highlighted the untitled note, then went to Edit menu and selected Delete. Nothing happened. Also highlighted the untitled note and pressed the Delete key on the PC's keyboard. Nothing happened.

3) Dragged the untitled note to the Trash and tried to drop it there. It was not accepted by the Trash container.

4) Highlighted the untitled note and then selected Cut from the Edit menu, but was unable to paste it into the Trash or anywhere else.


     - Phil

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No problem - just trying to avoid suggesting the 101 things you've already tried..  and it looks like you have tried most stuff.  Only extra suggestions I can see -

  • Check EN Web at Evernote.com via your browser - is the note in your account?  Try deleting it there and sync.
  • While you're there,  delete anything in the trash notebook and check for notes in "conflicting changes" notebooks.  Do the same on your desktop.
  • Set up a new test note and merge it and the rogue note together;  delete the merged note.
  • Depending on how many notes and notebooks you have,  the last step should be to consider exiting Evernote via File > Exit;  backing up your current databases folder,  and renaming the folder to Databases.old.  Then - log in to Evernote again,  and it will rebuild your database by download from the server which should eliminate this odd note.
    NB There's a risk to any unsynced notes and local notebooks,  and any note to note links you may have created in any notes will be broken - more detailed instructions available if you need them.
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Problem solved, thanks to you sir. When I went to evernote.com, there was an item in my trash. The other day, from my PC, I saved an entire web page as a note, but then decided I didn't like the way that the entire page had been saved, so I quickly deleted the note, followed by saving only the URL as a note. The original note was no longer in EN on my PC, but when I went to evernote.com, there it was in the trash. I deleted it, then looked back at EN on my PC, and the utitled note is gone. Voila!


One further question,if I may: You mentioned the possibility of backing up my current databases folder, etc..  I realize that step is not needed at this time, but just for my education in case I should need to do that in the future, I went looking for the databases in the Evernote folder in Program Files. I don't see any databases folder there. Am I looking in the right place? Just fyi, in case this has anything to do with it, I have just started using EN in the past few days, and I only have a very small handful of notes and notebooks in it so far.


Thanks again for your help! Much appreciated.


     - Phil

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Hi again - glad you were able to solve the problem. 


Backups are definitely a good idea - Evernote do help spread any risk of data loss,  because they have a 'master' copy of the data on their server.  But you may not always have an internet connection,  and their copy might be corrupted in some way...


If you have a look in Evernote > Tools > Options on the General tab you'll see the address of your database and be able to open the folder.  To back it up,  File > Exit Evernote and copy the Databases folder onto external storage.

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