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Evernote not syncing to cloud


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Hey guys. I have the latest version on Evernote on PC, and only 445 of my 601 notes seem to be syncing to the cloud.


I've tried reinstalling, relogging, emptying my trash, and waited for a couple patches after looking through similar discussions on the forums, but it made no difference. The 445 notes that sync do so perfectly, but the ones that don't are just there. I don't know what's going on.


When I generate a share URL for the unsynced notes, they appear in the cloud and in my other devices fine, but it doesn't save the changes I make to them afterwards. And the cloud just seems to not sync notes really randomly, because not all notes in one notebook have this issue. 


I submitted a support ticket this time last week, but I have yet to hear back from the team.. which is weird since I've already received a number in an email. Hope some of you here can help me! I've also attached my activity log just in case. Thanks


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Hi.  If you had a support ticket number,  it means you're in the queue.  It can take another 7-10 days for a live human to contact you,  though if you're a premium subscriber,  you could always try the Chat option on the support page to get some quick advice.  My suggestion would be to export your unsynced notes to Enex files (one file per notebook) and then re-import them.  The process with verify the coding so that any problems "should" be eliminated.  NB export and re-import will kill any note2note links you might have in place.

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