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Syncing with PackPoint in to Evernote


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The app PackPoint is available on a tablet and phone.    One of the features is that it will sync with Evernote.   Has anyone ever done this?  When I tell it to sync it says that it synced but I cannot fine where it went within Evernote.    Any Guidance?   I like both apps and would really like them if they work together as packpoint has said.  


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Hi Cafrane, Ben here from PackPoint. I hope you don't mind my replying.


The way it should work is as follows:

1. In PackPoint, you have your packing list open, and you choose "Sync to Evernote" from the menu.

2. Open Evernote and force it to synchronize. You should see your packing list note pop in to Evernote.

3. As you check off things, change things, etc. within PackPoint you can continue sync'ing with Evernote to keep that same note updated.


Here is an example that I did a little while ago. I was just messing around with it, thus the Scuba Diving in Portland in February. :)



If any step of this doesn't work, or needs further explanation, please don't hesitate to ask. Glad to share as much as I can here in case it helps anybody else.

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I did that and Pack Point says synced to Evernote.   I forced an Evernote sync and it said it did  BUT I can't seem to find the note.   On Pack point I have it as New York City.

Is there anything like address that could be wrong?   Any other ideas?

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