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  1. Hi Cafrane, Ben here from PackPoint. I hope you don't mind my replying. The way it should work is as follows: 1. In PackPoint, you have your packing list open, and you choose "Sync to Evernote" from the menu. 2. Open Evernote and force it to synchronize. You should see your packing list note pop in to Evernote. 3. As you check off things, change things, etc. within PackPoint you can continue sync'ing with Evernote to keep that same note updated. Here is an example that I did a little while ago. I was just messing around with it, thus the Scuba Diving in Portland in February. https://www.evernote.com/l/ABOk6Tx6nz9CWZAQolqev3KTT6Xiu15vGwY If any step of this doesn't work, or needs further explanation, please don't hesitate to ask. Glad to share as much as I can here in case it helps anybody else.
  2. I have a similar issue, and Joe directed me here. Regarding the app keeping the color selection as long as you don't close the app - mine does not do that. As I switch between skitches, it keeps resetting back to pink for each different skitch. For instance, today I had six screenshots of an app to markup. I opened Skitch, selected the first screenshot (I had already saved it to Skitch from my phone), changed the color to blue, the line size to one step below medium, and marked it up. Then I clicked the button that looks like four little squares to view all my Skitches, and selected the next screenshot. The color was back to pink and the line size was back to medium, so I changed it again. I had to re-do that for each of the six screenshots.
  3. Updated to v2.7 today, and noticed that it now defaults to a pink color with a medium size line/font. Even if I change the color and size, the next time I use skitch it goes back to pink/medium. How can I change the defaults? I've looked through the preferences but didn't see anything like this.
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