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The changes to sharing a note - Feedback to Evernote

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I feel that EN has become too focussed on the business user and on the social networking frenzy. 

For me, a person running all my business and projects from EN as a one woman show, sharing through emailing a note is crucial. In the latest redesign of EN you have hidden that function deeply into a drop down menu in preference for sharing things on facebook and twitter (really???) or the business chat. 


I urge you to please bring back emailing a note to the simple sharing menu at the top of the note for us grown ups. 


It just feels as if you are not catering for people like me anymore. I never share things on facebook and twitter. I run projects! I understand that some people do but surely that is not the most important sharing tool and function of EN. 


I understand the chat thing is useful for teams of creators so that is not an issue but as I said if we can only have a limited number of options in the simple drop down menu, please prioritise email over facebook and twitter. 


Anyone else have thoughts on this? 





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