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  1. Hi, I feel that EN has become too focussed on the business user and on the social networking frenzy. For me, a person running all my business and projects from EN as a one woman show, sharing through emailing a note is crucial. In the latest redesign of EN you have hidden that function deeply into a drop down menu in preference for sharing things on facebook and twitter (really???) or the business chat. I urge you to please bring back emailing a note to the simple sharing menu at the top of the note for us grown ups. It just feels as if you are not catering for people like me anymore. I never share things on facebook and twitter. I run projects! I understand that some people do but surely that is not the most important sharing tool and function of EN. I understand the chat thing is useful for teams of creators so that is not an issue but as I said if we can only have a limited number of options in the simple drop down menu, please prioritise email over facebook and twitter. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Thanks Hanna
  2. Hi, We are a production team working on a play using a shared note book. Each note represents a particular sequence in the play and we have numbered them accordingly. However, is there a way to keep them in this order even when people are adding thoughts, images and sounds? I.e can you pin the notes within one note book to keep the numerical order of the notes? Thanks! Hanna
  3. Hi again, Its now 6 months later and I am still having the same probelms. I was hoping that some updates would have sorted it but it hasn't. Yesterday i put in 'train time tables' in the search field and nothing came up in spite of me having a note with the title 'train time tables' it has tags such as trains and time tables. So Im not impressed. I have to manually find notes all the time. Hanna
  4. Hi, Just checking in to see if I am doing something wrong as when i put a search word for a note in evernote on any of my platforms (macbook pro, ipad & iPhone), a search word I know is in the title of the note, evernote does not find that note. This has been going on since the big fancy upgrade and to be honest I first thought it was me as EN kept going on about how fabulous the search engine was but I can't figure out what i would be doing wrong and I am continuing to have this problem. I have now done several test runs and very often I search ones and the note does not come up. I search again and 50% of the time, it finds the note. Very odd and very frustrating. I have opted for writing as much detail in the subject lines of my notes rather than developing a tag system so not sure if in the big upgrade EN prioritises tags? It feels as if I shouldn't have this problem with EN and it must be something I am doing wrong, but i can't figure it out. If I can't go to notes and put in a search word.... then what is the point? Please help, as I have moved my whole existence into EN and I really, really want it to do what it claims to do. Thanks! Hanna
  5. Hi, In my work I keep a lot of script in evernote which i need to read and make notes on. If I don't have two devices at hand (in which case I read on one and make the notes on the other) I read in Evernote and then make hand written notes in penultimate. Its quite ok to go inbetween evernote and penultimate without spending too much time having to find your place in the main document and of course you can add the penultimate notes to evernote or just writer them out when you have finished the read through. I would love there to be a solution eventually when it could all be done in Evernote.
  6. Hi, Since quite recently the shortcut icon button to start a new note has disappeared from my top bar. Any reason for this? How do i get it back? thanks!
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