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I have used evernote for about 1 year. At first it worked without any problem. But after an update, I think it was in October, the program is slow and responses slowly when I write notes. I have tried to reinstall the program without any luck. My Mac Air is brand new, so its not the computer. Why is this happening. I`m thinking about deleting the program... 

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You don't say what EN version you are using, but you might try updating to the latest, Ver 6.0.6 Direct DL.

If you're using the Mac AppStore ver, then that might be the problem as the AppStore versions continue to have issues.


I have two Macs, including a low-powered 2011 MBA, that are running fine on Ver 6.0.6.


See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/81051-evernote-for-mac-606-released/ for Ver 6.0.6 info and DL link.


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