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Notes disappeared after upgrading Windows Program - Evernote for Windows GA


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Not heard that one before - have you tried logging out and back in and restarting your computer?


If you have 'lost' a view of some notes,  you could try renaming the database folder and rebuilding it from the server,  though that will take a little while if you have lots of notes.


More information available if you need it...

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Logging off an in didnt help.


Interestingly, on the left side, notebook explorer, I see that there are right number of notes inside the folders/projects. When I click on them, on the right side it says, "sorry, no notes to display".


How do you "rename the database folder and rebuild it from the server,"?

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If you have unsynced notes and/ or local notebooks,  Export the notes/ notebooks to ENEX  files (one per notebook) and keep that file/ those files safe.


Then File > Exit Evernote and go to the database folder in Explorer:  C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases


Rename this to Databases.old


Restart Evernote


Wait for folder to be rebuilt (can take a while if you have lots of notes)


Import any previously exported notes


Carry on...

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I have discovered this issue too. I updated Evernote a couple of days ago. Overnight all my notes created after 15 January 2015 have disappeared. They are still on the web client though, and Android app.

(as I write the web view is no longer available - for maintenance). Is this a common problem?

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What gazumped suggested seems to work for me - the resyncing is still going on. Thanks...


However, this is time consuming.


Apparently, the new build introduced a bug. Hopefully Evernote resolves it in the next drop.

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