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Can I sync data locally or in a personal cloud folder?





I'm looking into EN to see if it fits our company's needs, so I did some searches but I couldn't find a definitive answer on whether it is possible to have Evernote save and sync data locally / in a Cloud folder? If so, does it still sync between EN OS X, EN iOS etc versions?


For example: Could I use Evernote on my Mac, making it safe my data without uploading it to the Evernote servers? Even better: To Dropbox or iCloud or whatever cloud service I like?


For example 1Password let's me choose where I place my sync folder. Of course, it still syncs with the iOS app / other platform versions.


I'd want to do this because I like to decide for myself where our company's data is stored.

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That's top bad because EN obviously has some nice features in terms of keeping track of lists and recipes and to do's and such. Except for my own choice of cloud and multi (OS X / iOS) platform syncing, I'm looking for an app that has some basic spreadsheet functionality. I'm keeping a few lists that require me to recalculate the total after every entry. Do you know one?

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