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[SOLVED] synchronization at automatic launching when windows starts


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Hello everybody,

I am french and new on this forum so excuse me if something is wrong in language or topics.

Well i have a local installation of evernote on Windows 8.1.

Now when Windows starts my Evernote is launched too in the systray. And it asks me for a password to synchronize. That is new for before no password was required to connect and synchronize automatically.

I have a portable pc under Windows 8.1 with the same Evernote program and it starts without asking me for a password.

Could you tell me what is wrong and how i can connect automatically when Evernote starts.

Thanks for replies


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Hello Gazumped,

Thanks for your reply but i don't really understand what you mean.

Anyway i solved the problem by uninstalling (completly even in the registry) the program, deleting all the files in the "user->AppData" and "Program Data" and re-install it .

And now it works perfectly as i want...


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