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Feature Omissions that are 7 times Dumber Now than they were 7 Years ago

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On Android, Web, IPhone (undoubtedly)... 

I mentioned these as basic needs during Evernotes beta launch in 2008.

7 years later...no implementation:



Here's an organizational tool that's built on and espouses tag style vs Sub folder structuring (fine with me), but then has no Notebook sort-by-tag option feature.

Go figure...7 times over. 

Even on the Windows app, the tag sort is poor...(delineates tagged categories poorly) . 


(Tag, Move to Notebook, delete, merge etc).

Data management 101 in an organizational app.

Takes 15 clicks to delete 5 Ever notes!  Takes 3-7 w/bulk delete depending on feature style.   

Go figure that one also.  

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Surely you know that besides options for tag sorting, the mobile and web beta clients do not have as many features as the desktop clients do. You wouldn't attempt to do half the things you can do on desktop on mobile. 


I don't know why you stated that the tag sorting on Windows is "poor":


At the top of the note list on desktop, in the note list toolbar (both Mac and Windows), all you need to do is click on the tag icon, and you will see the tags available within any context in alphabetical order... whats more, as you select a tag context, you can further filter for additional tags associated with notes in whatever tag context you're already in. It keeps narrowing down your tags to filter in a more fine-tuned way. It's pretty spectacular. You should try it. 


Perhaps this just got a tad bit less dumber for you.


Go figure (7 times over) why you're trying to bulk edit on mobile device. Have you heard of GTD's contexts.... you know - @desktop, etc?... which basically means that you could wait for a more opportune time, when you have an EN desktop client at your disposal to do bulk editing. You could create that as a task. So you actually counted how many clicks it would take to delete 5 notes on the mobile clients? When you're out and about, how often do you urgently need to delete or merge multiple notes on mobile? I mean, how critical could it be?


You're saying that 3 clicks for bulk delete is excessive? Would you like Evernote's Augmented Intelligence to just guess what you'd like to delete in bulk and do that for you? Thank goodness for 3+ clicks for bulk delete. ("Go figure that one also") Kind of saves us from dumb moves. 


It seems like you are 7 times more frustrated than 7 years ago.


"Data management 101" does not hinge on features that are widely known to not be available on the mobile clients of most apps/ services out there. WorkFlowy, Trello, Wunderlist.... Heck, some fantastic services do not even yet have mobile clients. I doubt the features you mentioned are "basic needs" for EN mobile. You could argue the same for the desktop clients not having certain mobile features, such as the document camera, location geotagging, offline/ online notebooks for saving space...


You've been around for a while. This kind of rant about these sorts of features, is something you'd expect from a newbie.

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