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On a scale of 1-10 of knowledge of Technology I am going to disclose that I am probably a 4....with that known, my question will make sense :)

I am sure there is a ton of knowledge out here which I have great respect for but please help me understand your language. 


I downloaded the app on my iPhone 6 and started using it, creating notebooks with attachments and such.  Worked fine....

Then I went to work on my laptop (with windows 8) and downloaded Evernote Touch and it loaded right up w/o the all info I already had on my phone. 

So I thought it was a sync issue. Well....??? Then I saw the regular Evernote and downloaded it on my laptop.  It asked for my password to sign in, so I tried.   *****, did I forget my password???  So I reset it. 

Then I went to logout of my iphone to see if when I logged back into both they would sync. 

Dang it! now when I log into my account on my phone it is all empty too.  


Where did it all go???

How do I get it back and then sync to my phone and in Windows 8 on my laptop?

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