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Search by 'first letter' of note name


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The middle of the three panels within the Evernote window displays an alphabetical list of the notes that I have created (over 2,000). These are in fact song titles.


I find it very awkward to move to a particular note using scrolling of whatever kind. It is either too sensitive or too long winded depending on the scrolling method.


In many other apps, typing the first letter of the name of the note would take me to the first note whose name begins with that letter. Then in some apps, the next letter I type would take me to the first note beginning with the two letters I had just typed, etc.


I am surprised that this doesn't work for me in Evernote. Does it work for anyone else? If so, what do I have to do to make it work?




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Hi.  While a 'first letter' shortcut might work in other apps,  it doesn't in Evernote.  That's the way the database works.  You can sort your list of notes by various other keys than title..  there's created date and updated date too,  plus various other options depending on whether you're using EN Desktop or Web.  If the songs you want to see aren't likely to be the ones you are current;ly working on (they'f be found at the top of 'updated date'.) the most effective way to jump around might be to save some searches for "intitle:A*", "intitle:B*" etc.

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