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Mac goes beep, beep & 2 notes disappear from inbox



I just launched Evernote on my MacBook, opened my Inbox notebook (my default notebook for web clippings and the like), turned away to do something else, heard my Mac's alert sound go off twice and when I turned back, two of the notes in my inbox notebook were gone!


Neither I nor anyone else (corporal at least; I can't rule out ghosts or poltergeists) touched my keyboard. And Undo is grayed out. I found them both in my Trash notebook, but I don't always have the alert audio on so I'd rather this didn't happen again. Anyone have any experience with this?



Mac OS 10.9.5

Evernote v. 6.0.5 (451190 Direct)


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Pretty unnerving, even if it's not ghosts :). Might you be running a program like Hazel that watches directories and takes action on files meeting certain criteria, like moving them to the trash? 


Another idea, applicable if you use Evernote on more than your MacBook: Could it be the notes were deleted on another device (let's assume you did it and not ghosts) and what you saw on your MacBook was Evernote synching and removing the notes that were deleted from the other device?

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I'm definitely not knowingly running that sort of app and this is a pretty new MacBook without much loaded on it.


Your second suggestion has some potential, but it still means I would have had to unintentionally delete them from another device. Possible, but I'm still thinking ghosts.



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