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  1. Is there any way to disable Presentation mode completely. I have no need for it and I find myself inadvertantly starting it way too often.
  2. Pretty unnerving, even if it's not ghosts . Might you be running a program like Hazel that watches directories and takes action on files meeting certain criteria, like moving them to the trash? Another idea, applicable if you use Evernote on more than your MacBook: Could it be the notes were deleted on another device (let's assume you did it and not ghosts) and what you saw on your MacBook was Evernote synching and removing the notes that were deleted from the other device?
  3. I found this thread interesting since I too have many notes with PDFs in them. I did some experimenting and the news is not good. First, I'm using a Mac Pro 3,1 running the latest version of Mavericks (10.9.5) and the latest version of the Evernote app for Mac (v. 6.0.5). First I chose a note with a title and just a single page PDF in the body of the note. The PDF is an image of a map so I will use "map" to refer to the PDF contents. If the PDF is visible I see the map, if only the PDF header is visible then I do not see the map. I chose this particular note because the PDF is small and the whole note with headers and the map would easily fit on one side of a letter size sheet of paper. The behavior is the same regardless of whether I see the map or not in the Evernote app. I select File > Print Note from the toolbar menu. The Print Note dialog box indicates there is one page and it's blank. When I actually print the note I get one completely blank page and a second page with the map. In the Print Note dialog box, if I check the box next to "Print Headers" then I get a page with the header information on it (Note title, Notebook, Author, Created and Updated) and a second page with the map on it. So then I modified the note and put two lines of text in the Note body, one before the PDF and one after the PDF. When I printed this note out the first page had the two lines of text and nothing else, and a second page with the map. This, to me, is not acceptable. Now I want to point out that my printer is set up to print 2-sided. The fact that I'm getting two sheets of paper for this small note and it's not simply the words on one side of the sheet and the map on the other says that Evernote is creating two print jobs for this note. One for the text on the page and one for the PDF. Also, I am not having the same issue as VectorBud. a PDF in Evernote will print out, only as a separate print job and not as part of the note. After looking at several Evernote Notes with PDFs embedded in them the behavior is the same. However, images, work as one would expect -- a note printed with text and images is one print job and looks very much as the note appears in the app.
  4. I use the Side List View in Evernote. So the second column is a list of the other notes in the notebook I'm currently working in. When I need to grab a note link I use my mouse to hover over the desired note and right click to select "Copy Note Link". I used to left click on the note and the note would switch in the note pane, but right clicking opens the contextual menu without changing the focus of the note you are working with. That makes it pretty much like a popup menu with all the notes listed. I bring this up because I was not doing it this way prior to a month ago, and I found it frustrating to have the note I'm working on disappear while I was getting the link and then having to bring back the working note to paste the link.
  5. I'm having the same problem. I'm not sure I understand your first sentence though. Notes on your desktop? Within the Evernote application or outside it? I have notes within the EN application with links to other notes within the application. I updated to the latest version of EN a few days ago. The links that existed before I updated will open the linked notes in the EN application. New links that I've added since the update now open my browser and take me to my Evernote account on Evernote.com. I have a ticket opened for this but so far their only suggestion was to delete and reinstall EN. That didn't work. I found some information in this forum where back in January they changed the Windows client and this behavior happened with links pasted outside of the EN application (For example in a Pages document). There apparently you want a link to a web page. But the problem I'm experiencing is entirely within the Evernote application. I'm dead in the water with my project until this is resolved.
  6. I'm pretty new to applescripting Evernote. I'm trying to manipulate a note I created and opened in a note window. Looking at the code you provided I believe you need to reorder it to: set note1 to create note with text "Test" title "Test" notebook "Blog" I modified my script (which does create a new note) to mimic what you had and I got an error also. The create note must be immediately followed by either [from file "file"], [from url "text"], [with text "text"] or [with html "text"]. After that it doesn't the order of title, notebook, tags, etc. doesn't seem to matter. Hope that helps.
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