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Tracking Note Creation Method



Does evernote know or track 'how' a note was created?  The idea is to distinguish between notes that I have 'typed' (which tend to be more succinct and relevant in many situations vs. notes that are more catch all - i.e. email threads...(I use evernote as a catch all bucket and end up throwing any emails in that might be useful in the future).  

I would love to search for a specific string but ask that the results returned EXCLUDE anything that was forwarded in.  Even more granular...search or exclude anything that has been 'cut and pasted'

Hope that makes sense!

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You can search for Notes with a particular Source, that includes:

  • EMail
  • Web Clip
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • ScanSnap

In the Search box, just type "notes from email"  (for example), and you should see Evernote prompt for "Are you searching for..." and then several choices.  Once you have made a choice, you can click on the "Source" button in the Search box and it will show a dropdown of other choices.


Don't know of a way to explicitly search for Notes created by typing, but you might try

 -source:mail.* -source:web.clip -source:Clearly


This would EXCLUDE Notes from Email and Web clips, hopefully leaving you with only typed Notes.  Note that the "Clearly" source is NOT documented.


Here's the complete list of Source choices from https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php



source:[string] - matches notes that came from an application or data source that matches the argument string. Not all notes will have a "source" attribute. Standard source attributes queries include:

  • source:web.clip
    • Matches notes that were clipped from a web page using an Evernote Web Clipper
  • source:mail.clip
    • Matches notes that were clipped from a local mail client
  • source:mail.smtp
    • Matches notes that were delivered to the service via the email gateway.
  • source:mobile.ios
    • Matches notes that were created on an iOS client of some form.
  • source:mobile.android
    • Matches notes that were created on an Android client of some form.
  • source:mobile.*
    • Matches notes that were created on a mobile client of some form.




Since Notes created by typing do NOT (should not) have a Source, this Search term appears to work:



which means EXCLUDE ALL Note that do have a Source.

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