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Editing using v. or web (for Internet Explorer or Chrome) edition


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Dear Evernote Community Members/Tech. Support Staff Member:

I used to be a very satisifed Premium account member. I use Microsoft OneNote more often but still like and use Evernote. I saved a web page to my Evernote account but it has extraneous (and out of date) information. My issue is: I attempted to edit the page and was VERY disappointed. I am comparing the editing features of Evernote to the features available for Mozilla Firefox's add-ons which easily allow editing of the page so that the resultant product is easily printed or copied. I tried "cutting and pasting" selected portions but was unable to easily customize the page for output. More frequently, the entire page was sent to the TRASH BIN then allowing me to cut out portions of the page which have little to no bearing on the principle text (article) on the page. This makes the article less attractive as a Evernote page.

Thank you!

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Hi, JMichael.

THANK YOU very much for this helpful suggestion. I really dislike (detest) SPAM and malicious e-mail. Therefore, I will adhere to your advice. I was reluctant to include it but wasn't sure about having an easily referenced response to my issue. Thanks again.

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