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Some of these are for iOS...so I hope they will still be seen.  If these features are present and I just haven't discovered how to utilize them, please help!  Otherwise...this is my wishlist to date!

  • Forum
    • Section similar to iBank.  Allows easy product improvement suggestions as well as tracking of most popular request
  • Clipping
    • Ability to select text and clip in iOS
    • Append note with new clipping in OS X and iOS
  • Tags
    • Have Tag hierarchy viewable in iOS
    • Ability to select multiple tags in the tag list in Evernote iOS for searching notes
      • Have a view that displays snippets of the notes that match tag selection.  Swipes app has something that works well
    • have the ability to make a tag category that is not a tag itself…just for the visual ability
    • Ability to place a tag in the tags view in more than one tag category…but still be only one tag.  For example…I might have a note that is regarding photography and evernote, and another note regarding productivity and evernote.  In the hierarchy it might be nice to have the Evernote tag under both photography and productivity…this is a crappy example and might very well turn the tag hierarchy into something very unwieldy.
    • Ability to collapse and expand nested tags with keyboard shortcut: expand selected/collapse selected/expand all/collapse all
    • When selecting multiple items in sidebar, keep those items highlighted so it is very easy to see what search is comprised of
  • Formatting
    • Add an outline feature to Evernote (similar to Cloud Outliner) but with better list hierarchy naming (1, 1.1, 1.2) and opening/closing of parents. Use OPML.
    • Significantly improved Markdown & Multi-markdown editor & support
  • Links
    • Classic link option: change link names to web and native link for better understanding
    • in Mac version have classic link (native link) as a visible choice without having to right click->option to see it;
    • in iOS have 2 link options in share menu: web and native
  • Miscellaneous
  • Allow saving of view options per notebook (title, date created, etc)
  • Ability to click on map in a note on iOS device and have it open in Google maps
  • Have UI very similar between all platforms…like OmniFocus' most recent releases
  • TextExpander integration
  • Navigation button to 'Home' at top of all iOS screens...or holding 'Back' button for 2 seconds will take you to home screen
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I would also love a "save as" for notes that you want to keep in one version and then rename for a different version but you can keep the same content.


Would definitely love a better outline mode with subheadings.

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I have read blog after blog of how Evernote notes are no longer showing up in Spotlight searches on Mac. I am currently running EN 6.0.11on OS X 10.10.3 and I am experiencing the same issue. HOWEVER, I have found a simple solution. All you need to do is change 1 thing in the note to force it to refresh and then the note title is at lease searchable again.


So the solution is obvious, you can delete EN off your Mac and then download all your notes all over again -OR- the programmers can force a refresh of the notes somehow using a script of some kind. (If only I was a programmer...) Armed with this new information, I am recommending the EN incorporate some sort of option to "refresh" notes in their Mac app and then all the complaints of notes not being searchable will subside. 


Please consider making this change.


Thank you in advance for your consideration!



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