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Problem with german Umlauts in Tag-Names

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I had a problem with german umlauts like "ä" in Tag-Names. I had 12 Tags for each Month, and noticed that "März" (german for march) was missing in the EN Android Client. The tag was missing in the selection dialogs and in the notes tagged with it.


I renamed the tag to "Maerz" in the Windows client and synced, and the tag showed up correctly in the Android client.


I renamed it back to "März", synced, and now the tag showed up correctly as "März" in the Evernote client too.


Seemed like a regression - I had a tag about one year old containing a german umlaut, which showed up in the Android client without a problem.


And now the weird part: I am not able to reproduce it. Creating a test tag with an german umlaut in the Windows client and syncing it makes no problem anymore in the Android client - it does just show up.


So for now the problem is solved for me.

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Okay, this was a little more work as I thought. The tags where there, but there were no notes tagged with the tags with the umlauts.

I had to manually assign a temporary tag to the notes, delete the old tag with the umlaut and sync.

The temporary tags + their notes showed up (the notes where always there, but without tags)

Renaming the tags again to their correct names with umlauts to the same names as before now worked as expected. All notes now have their correct tags with umlauts.


Strange glitch.


The old tag from one year ago did not have this problem. All notes with this tag were always been correctly displayed.

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