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Use Evernote on MAC? think twice ..... and carefully



I just use Evernote for Mac couple days, but some of the strategy is hardly believe


 1.  There are two way you can download Evernote for Mac, ( App Store  and Evernote web site)

   Evernote will tell you both of them are the same (if the version no is same) "but" some coding is different , that is for app store specific request...

     ok if that , why you make the database on totally different route and location. 

     if different, then Please train your supporter to know that , and user would not spent time to download two database and...... consume the treasure SSD



  2. There two type of copy note link ( one is , copy note link, the other one is copy "classic" note link)

       Gosh , why you need to do that ? Simple is the best

  3.if you need use web Evernote, to increase the search performance.  Be carefully, you can not copy note link on Safari (default web browser on Mac)

      you have to download Chrome for that 


 4.Evernote for note is un-stable , as forum report, sometimes, reindexing will take "a bit time", could be one day or more


5.The most I still can not get along with 

    When you edit a note, Please press the Syn button to make sure the change have being update on EV server, but Please be informed

    you still need check by click to another note and back the note you just edited then double check the change is really stay there 

   (most of time , it is not there, if your note is huge (more 10 M , lost rate is high)



 the issue have been report couple moths ago and now mac evenrote 6.0.5 still the same.

 so I would say the bug is not thing to do with 1/08/2015 Evernote layoff but it will getting worse? just wait and see.

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