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[Feature Request] From Search to UI

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Dear all,

I am using evernote for some years now.. since last year I upgraded to pro and at the moment I would call my self a heavy user.

I am using evernote on Windows (@work), Mac (@home), iPhone(GTD) and iPad(taking notes in meetings)

In my opinion the evernote team is doing a great work developing and enhancing the software to a mighty tool for everyday use and I am more than happy with it,

anyway I am missing some features 


here is my list:

  1. search filter for note reminders e.g. today,.. tomorrow this week, etc. (I am really wondering why this does not exist.. or maybe it is hidden so well, that I do not find it. I can search for create date but not for the set reminder??)
  2. auto tag emails (#…) AND save them to a default notebook - the guessing in which notebook the note belongs to, doesn’t work for me. Doing GTD with EN sucks if the inbox is empty ;) adding @Notebook_inbox in each mails header is not user friendly.
  3. getting timestamps when recording audio and taking notes - click on timestamp starting replaying audio 5/10 sec before a new paragraph was edited.. the aim is to easily navigate through the audio file using the written notes as bookmarks.
  4. bring back the record + take picture possibility - also put a timestamp next to the picture

If anybody does know a work around or third party software solving my open points, I would be more that happy if you share your knowledge.

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1.  Workaround.  The dynamic reminder search parameters don't really work in EN but you can create your own hot key searches using PhaseExpress of the like.  For example, the search for today's reminders is remindertime:20150119-remindertime:20150120.  I created a phrase in PhaseExpress using its dynamic date capabilities and assisgned Alt-Win-T as a hot key.  Now whenever I hit Alt-Win-T my context becomes today's reminders.  I use this method for other reminder searches as well.  The PE screen looks something like this where #datetime represents the dynamic date logic.  May look more complicated than it is.




2.  Workaround.  You can use PhaseExpress here as well.  Create the phase that repeats in your emails and assign it a hot key, and then just position in the email header and use the hot key.



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