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Evernote doesn't move the files; it deletes them?



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For clarity, let's call the notebooks: Notebook A and Notebook B.


Situation: I moved a note from Notebook A to Notebook B and then deleted Notebook A (in an attempt to consolidate the notes). However, when I went into Notebook B, the note I had moved was not there nor was it in my trash. 


Is there any chance of recovery? 


You might try these:

  • Make sure you are viewing ALL Notes (CMD+SHIFT+A), and look/search for your Note.
  • Check the EN Web client at Evernote.com to see if you Note is there.
  • Do a Mac Spotlight search for keywords in your Note
  • Restore the Note from a TM backup to a different location

BTW, I MOVE Notes all the time without any issues, although I rarely delete the NB that I moved the Note from.  In the future, BEFORE the delete the NB, after you move the Note you might do a sync and verify it is in the proper NB, both in EN Mac and in EN Web.  If it is an important Note, you might also export it to ENEX before deleting anything.

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