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bugfix-request in presentation mode

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I love to use the presentation-mode in Evernote on my MacBook Air. I use it in the classroom and have a beamer as a secondary screen, which shows the presentation. During classes, I type the feedback of the audience directly in the Evernote-App, and this is instantly projected on the wall. This prevents me from having to use the chalkboard which I hate.


Here´s my problem:


Mostly I present continous text and then highlight single words in different colors / bold typo etc. But often on the presentation-screen, Evernote inserts a linebreak right after a colored/bolded word which wasn´t there before, shouldn´t be there and isn´t present in the same text in the Evernote-App where I type/highlight.


>Could you fix that bug?


>Also, I would love to have more layout-features besides the tables such as mindmaps and different text-marker-colors besides yellow.


You´re doing great work!







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