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  1. 1. When I choose for example text color=red for a word and text color=blue for the following word and then switch to presentation mode, evernote inserts a line break (enter) between the two words. This working correctly is very, very important to me. 2. Even more important would be the following bugfix: When I enter addidional text while presenting a note on a second screen (beamer), there is a very disturbing and unnecessary scrolling taking place on the presentation-monitor with every new word/letter entered. I´d very much prefer the newly entered text to fade in, as it was the case in the version of evernote of about 2 years ago. The scrolling prevents the audience from being able to read anything when I enter new text during the presentation. I already postet a bugfix-request concerning these two things several months (/years?) ago, but nothing changed. Right now, we are thinking about introducing evernote in our school with about 150 teachers, 1500 pupils and 300+ computers. These two issues would be crucial points to our decision. Also, I eventually will be a distributor for using software-tools in the classroom for more schools in whole Bavaria. I´d like very much to spread the use evernote for up-to-date language-teaching, if these two bugs would be fixed. Best Regards, Josef
  2. Hi guys, In April, I posted the bugfix-request below. Since then, nothing happened. Please address the problem asap, because I can´t use presentation-mode like this. I´m thinking about quitting my premium-account, if nothing happens. Thank you. Josef
  3. Hi guys, I wanted to ask you if you could fix the following problem, which is around for about 2 or 3 months and wasn´t before: Since I use evernote in the classroom, I often type something which comes right out of the conversation with the class (screen 1: Macbook) while I´m in presentation mode at the same time (screen 2: beamer) so that the class can read it. Here´s the problem: I need the medium-sized font on the beamer so that everyone can see clearly what I´m typing. But once adjusted (ctrl-f), font goes right back to small size (on the beamer) as soon as I´m typing any character in the Macbook (screen 1). Could you guys fix it please so that it stays at the size at which it first was adjusted? This is a severe problem in my workflow right now. Add on: There´s also a minor issue with tables in the setting described above: The fontsize of tables never is the same as the fontsize of continous text on the beamer (screen 2) although on the first screen (Macbook) the font has the same size. Thank you! Josef
  4. Hi, I love to use the presentation-mode in Evernote on my MacBook Air. I use it in the classroom and have a beamer as a secondary screen, which shows the presentation. During classes, I type the feedback of the audience directly in the Evernote-App, and this is instantly projected on the wall. This prevents me from having to use the chalkboard which I hate. Here´s my problem: Mostly I present continous text and then highlight single words in different colors / bold typo etc. But often on the presentation-screen, Evernote inserts a linebreak right after a colored/bolded word which wasn´t there before, shouldn´t be there and isn´t present in the same text in the Evernote-App where I type/highlight. >Could you fix that bug? >Also, I would love to have more layout-features besides the tables such as mindmaps and different text-marker-colors besides yellow. You´re doing great work! Josef
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