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Edit erroneous email

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I started Evernote on my Iphone6 and I just realized that the email I used has an error in the spelling, so it's non-existent. I would like to sync with my web version, but of course can't do that now. Short of deleting and reinstalling, is there an option to correct the email I used? I have several weeks' worth of notes I would hate to have to redo....

Thank you

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Hi.  Doesn't sound like a major problem - log out of the version of Evernote you created on the iPhone and log back in with the correct details.  You should then have access to all your notes.  (They won't all download to a mobile device,  what you get is an index so you can search for the notes you need.)  It's possible to set a notebook for 'offline searching' if you have sufficient storage space on the device.

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