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Tags are all screwed up

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My desktop versions shows more tags than the web version of the same account.

I cannot delete the tags in the desktop version, but i can in the web version.

but the web version does not show all the tags that the desktop version does, and those are the ones i want to delete!


it seems like the tags I want deleted were automatically created when I joined a Shared Notebook.  I have since removed myself from the notebook, but the tags are still there, undeletable from the desktop version, and invisible to the web version.


whats going on here?

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Solved this one for myself.


since it only seemed to be a problem with the desktop version on this specific computer, I uninstalled the desktop application.  Just to be safe, with *show hidden folders* on, I went to c:\users\<windows user name>\AppData\  and searched all the folders for anything relating to evernote, which i copied into another 'backup' folder on my desktop (just in case).


Then, when I reinstalled the desktop application and let it sync, everything is as it should be.


There's still a bug somewhere regarding shared notebooks and tags, but i've found a way around it.

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Good news:  you found the nuclear option,  which is perfectly valid.

Bad News:  If you press and hold Ctrl while clicking on the Help button you get extra 'secret' menu items,  one of which is "delete unused linked tags" which will kill the unnecessary tags without all that uninstalling / reinstalling stuff...

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