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Multiple duplicate exisiting notes appearing


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I just returned from holiday and started my evernote on my desktop and updated it to version


I left the computer running and when I returned about 200 notes all with scanned images had appeared with todays date. Initially I thought it had rescanned the folder I put scanned items into and imported all those that had been deleted, as it was oly notes with scanned images that were duplicated, however some of the notes had titles as per the original. I am not certain however as there were some notes in which I had put multiple images and they all appeared in individual notes

I checked some to see if the date had been changed but they all had a duplicate copy in the inbox so I deleted them and then later in the day they appeared again -I have deleted them again just now and am waiting to see if they reappear. I have also deleted everything from the folder where the originals were scanned to.


Fo a long time I have known that if I scan an item with evernote open I will get 2 copies of the notes - not sure if this is related or not


Any ideas on why this may be happening and how to stop it?



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