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Emailing notes

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I have been using and liking Evernote for a long time - years - but not too long ago I noticed it didn't let me email a note to someone.  Then I did it again - and the person has to have an account.  It's absurd.  People need to use it for others that will not open an account or log in to get the note I'm sending.  So now that function is useless.  I will have to cut and paste if I want to continue using Evernote.  I will probably stop because it will be too complicated for many of my clients and they won't get my messages.  WHY???


Hate it and hated even getting to this forum which I'm not even sure will get posted or read - just wanted to give feedback to Evernote customer service.......I'm a dinosaur at 55 I guess. 

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Hi. You got posted and read,  but I'm afraid we're a user forum,  not Evernote CS.  Since you didn't quote your OS I can't offer you any specifics,  but it is actually easy to quote a URL in an email which would allow your client/ user to see a note in a web browser,  without needing to use Evernote.

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