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Windows Desktop App Not Showing Notes


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My desktop version of Evernote has stopped working.


This is really frustrating I use Evernote a lot, now, suddenly my workflow has been destroyed.


I can see all my notebooks and the number of notes in it but none of the notes are showing.


I've tried stopping and starting the app and Windows but to no avail.


I can see the notes on my phone and on the website version but not on the desktop, which is the one I use the most.


I'm running Windows 7

And Evernote version (274061) Public


Is there a known issue?


Any suggestions?


I'm thinking of re-installing, is there any risk of losing my notes?


Any help much appreciated.






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Hi.  No known issues that I'm aware of.  Uninstalling (via Windows) and re-installing the app should not affect your notes,  but if you don't already have a regular backup,  now would be a good time to start one.  If you open Evernote and go to Tools (on the top menu bar) > Options > General you can open the Database folder.  Copy the EXB file to your desktop and then do the install.


If the display is still not working,  there's a new Beta out today which includes new bug fixes and it may be worth trying that - but let's just do the reinstall first...

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Hi gazumped,


Thanks for the suggestions.


I've made a backup and discovered the log files.  The error message I am getting is:

06:44:07 [2844] Failed to run pipe server with low integrity and EPM support attributes


So I googled that and it suggested renaming the database .exb folder and then restarting Evernote to sync from the cloud.


I did that but with no luck, I can still see the notebooks and number of notes but no notes, I will try, reinstalling Evernote now....

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