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safari Can't download Web Clipper with Safari

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Sorry, not that tech savvy but can't seem to download the Web Clipper in Safari...running OSx10.9.5..click on the download button but it doesn't appear anywhere in Finder so that I can launch it...any suggestions? Got everything else installed.


Thank you!

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A couple of things I recommend trying:


1) Try installing fromt he Safari Extension Gallery pages instead



Click the install button and then restart Safari. 


2) If you do a manual install from www.evernote.com/webclipper it will download a file that you need to open to install it.

The download location may differ depending on user preferences so I would search spotlight for:

'Evernote.6.2.4.safariextz' which is the filename of the Web Clipper. 

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Good morning. I am unable to add webclipper to my IPAD. I have iOS 8.1.3 installed.

I have an email from evernote suggesting this product, a link to a page with information on the service and a download button.

That download button creates an email to remind me to go back to that same page and download.. but the button only creates a reminder.

Any help would be appreciated.

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