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Issues with losing scans when there is poor data


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I have had the issue with a couple of times where I am in a situation with low data connectivity or no data connectivity, and when I try to scan and save my files.. Scannable just spins and hangs, and I eventually lose my scan.  Sometimes it has crashed on me.  It's hit and miss if the scan is still there when I go back into the app .  I am finding I don't trust the app to use it now and I am falling back to 3rd party apps that are more stable... but not as nice.  


Anyone else seeing this issue? 

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Hi torgerson,


Sorry to hear about this. Can I ask what service you're saving your files to? Also, are these very large documents?

I am only ever trying to save to Evernote.  I typically never scan more than 1-2 pages at a time, so these are not large. 

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