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Inconsistent format being created from same flyer


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I've been testing Scannable since it came out this week and really like it.  It's probably going to replace my Scanbot app.  However, I noticed inconsistent formats being created.  I scanned the same flyer 3 times and got 3 different results.  


1. White filter scan - image file

2. No filter scan - image file

3. Business card


Here's a photo of the original flyer:



Perhaps there should be a way to confirm the image format, just as you have a way to confirm the crop/rotate option.







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Thanks mdk1


The examples are very, very helpful. We're working to make the document treatment more reliable, and also to offer some manual controls over that.

As a workaround to get more consistent results for coloured paper, you might try capturing on a more plain background, perhaps grey or white or black. 


We definitely understand the problem and are working on that, and appreciate the considered feedback.

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