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I was frustrated yesterday, because when I tried to share a note with a couple of people via email, the option to do so via email wasn't showing.  Then, when I shared, they said that they had been invited to open it in Evernote.  They are not Evernote users and don't desire to be and I've shared notes from our meetings with them in the past.  Please tell me that the email notes function is still available.  Please!

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Email a note

To email a note, select the note from the note list, then do the following:

  • Windows: Click the arrow (pointing down) on the Share button to expand the menu and select Send by Email...
  • Mac: Select Note > More Sharing > Email Note... from the Evernote menu bar
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Open the note, tap the options menu (three horizontal dots near the bottom of the screen), tap Share, then tap Mail.
  • Android: Tap the options menu (near the top of the screen) and select Email a copy
  • Web: Click the arrow (pointing down) on the Share button to expand the menu, and select Email.

Once people receive your email, they receive a snapshot of the note at the time you shared it. They won't see any content changes that you may make to that note later.

(from https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036)

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